Hi, I have put together here some relevant and interesting examples of my sound design work.
For more information, here are my master portfolios and other links:
CV | Master CV | Cover Letter | Sound Design Document | Game Audio Master Portfolio | Film, TV & Animation Master Portfolio

This is my main game audio reel. I detailed my roles and the technology used in each of the games. I also have individual videos per game.

This is probably the biggest project I worked on last year. The aerial shots are beautiful but the audio from the helicopters was unusable so I created a lot of sound design for the waves, storms, birds and wind.

This is an horror short that a good friend of mine directed. I did the location audio, sound design and mix. The short uses no music, only evolving soundscapes that I created. I’ve timestamped it so it jumps directly to the spooky stuff.

This piece is part of an experiment on creating impressionistic sound design that conveys the essence of a painting without using any concrete or natural sounds. I created this soundscape using software that stretches audio into infinity.

I put together this short piece recently as a challenge to myself. All sounds were created from scratch or recorded by me. I used this animated short just because is amazing.