Airships: Conquer the Skies

Airships lets you design steampunk pixel airships and use them in combat to conquer the skies.

The game is currently in early alpha on Steam and I've been helping on a revamping of the sound effects and audio engine.

Developer: David Stark (@zarkonnen_com)
Game Engine: Proprietary
Sound Engine Proprietary




Ghost 1.0

Ghost 1.0 is a Sci-fi Metroidvania published on Steam

I was in charge of the sound effects design and the voice acting editing in english, spanish and russian.

For this game, I designed sounds for over 20 unique sci-fi weapons, lots of enemies, 6 bosses and around one hour and a half of animated cutscenes.

Developer: Francisco Téllez (@unepic_fran)
Game Engine: Proprietary
Sound Engine Proprietary


Unearned Bounty

Unearned Bounty is a stylized pirate FFA MOBA still in development and currently in pre early access on Steam.

For this project, I tried to achieve realistic distance filtering and sample mixing, so players could use the distance and orientation of surrounding sounds (like an enemy firing his cannons) as a guide in battle. 

Developer: Extrokold Games (@Extrokold)
Game Engine: Unity 5
Sound Engine: Fmod Studio



Unepic is a Metroidvania RPG published on Steam, Nintendo WiiU, PS4 & Xbox One.

I designed hundreds of the sound effects for the game. Monster deaths, weapon attacks, spells and much more with a pinch of that MSX retro flavour the developer was looking for.

I also worked in the editing for the english voice acting of the game.

Unepic has been played by around 500K avid adventurers.

Developer: Francisco Téllez (@unepic_fran)
Game Engine:
Sound Engine:




Cain is a first person thriller with investigation and oniric elements. The game is still in development.

One of the interesting things about this project is the contrast between the real world and a hypnosis realm that lies in the main character's head. I'm using sound design to differentiate these two worlds.


Developer: Gazpacho Games (@GazpachoGames )
Game Engine: Unreal Engine
Sound Engine: Fmod Studio



Antraxx is a massively multiplayer mech shooter with a heavy emphasis on teamwork and replayability with completely customizable mechs and zones. 

I was brought into the project to design the basic SFX for the game like weapons, mech abilities and environment audio just before its Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, the funding was unsuccessful and the project is currently dormant.

Developer: Antraxx Team (@antraxxgame)
Game Engine: Proprietary
Sound Engine: Proprietary